Smiles Services DC was started with the idea of making a difference. Dr. Albert Coombs III and Dr. Kevin Granger chose to practice healthcare for its ability to impact the overall mental and physical health of the community. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, GI, and other systematic diseases are common within the African American community and are often worsened by poor oral health. The mouth is a part of the body that can’t be separated from the rest. Gum disease, tooth lost, periodontist, and other infections affect the gums and teeth, therefore impacting the entire body and some of the illnesses listed above. So if we can create better routines in keeping our mouths clean, then we can lesson the risks of common diseases.

At Smile Services DC, we strengthen our community by offering services that help not only with the overall physical health of our patients but their confidence too. When you have your big job interview, wedding day, graduation, etc., you want to feel happy and confident and Smile Services DC can help with that!

What We Guarantee

We guarantee that when you walk through our door, we will treat you not as a patient, but as family. From the seats you sit in to the warmth of our staff, we provide an intimate environment that offers our community a place to come and feel welcomed. We chose our location, staff, and work environment to serve our community. So It’s important that we offer a much needed practice that’s reliable and highly qualified, with a clean and safe environment that everyone can have access to. This is why we accept most health insurances and offer affordable rates for services not covered.